Oklahoma Athletic Club is a gym in Oklahoma City focused on workouts, personal trainers, basketball, volleyball, & more.

Our vision is to build a community that empowers our members to take the next step, to put in the work that others won’t.


OAC and its NEW Owners

Exciting times are upon us at the Oklahoma Athletic Center as we proudly announce our new ownership and a wave of positive transformations underway! With a renewed commitment to excellence and a fresh vision for the future, our center is poised to elevate the athletic experience to new heights. Under the guidance of our passionate and forward-thinking owners, we are embarking on a journey of innovation, expansion, and enhanced services. Expect to witness state-of-the-art facility upgrades, a revitalized range of cutting-edge equipment, and an expanded roster of expert trainers dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We’re thrilled to embark on this thrilling new chapter and invite you to be part of the extraordinary evolution happening at the Oklahoma Athletic Center. Join us as we redefine what it means to unleash your true athletic potential!

Embark on a new journey with us

Welcome to the exhilarating realm of the all-new Oklahoma Athletic Center! We invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey of fitness, strength, and unbridled potential. Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, our state-of-the-art facility stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and athletic excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete seeking to push your limits or a novice looking to embark on a transformative fitness adventure, our center offers an unrivaled platform to unleash your inner champion. With a passionate community of like-minded individuals, cutting-edge equipment, and expert guidance from our dedicated trainers, the Oklahoma Athletic Center is where dreams take flight and extraordinary feats are achieved. Join us today and discover the path to realizing your true athletic prowess. Get ready to exceed your own expectations and ignite a passion for fitness that will stay with you for a lifetime!

From the friendly front desk staff, amazing personal trainers and the most recent updates we are so happy with the changes being made inside the facility. Our kids love the childcare and as a parent it is so important for us to be able to drop our kids off and not worry.

Sam H.

Ocupational Therapist


3-Day Pass